Women, Ninjutsu & Military Strategy

In many patriarchal societies, women are relegated to second class status. In some countries they are even considered to be the property or possession of their husbands or fathers! Although North American Society isn’t as extreme as some are and women are continuing to make strides and progress towards equality, in some areas, they still have a long way to go. In the USA on average, a woman working full-time, makes only 79% of what a man working full-time makes. Factors such as education, age, race and location can affect the economic discrepancy to a degree, but nevertheless, regardless of the above sometimes mitigating factors, the gap between women and men’s income, still persists!

Before I give some possible solutions that women can take to aid them in having a successful career and an abundant income, first I want to take this opportunity to explain my belief as to why women are treated by men as second class citizens in the first place!

Satori or spiritual enlightenment essentially consists of a person balancing both their negative and positive energies, then raising their energy, opening the energy centers as the energy rises and finally merging their consciousness with the Divine.

Since this process that is at the heart of humanity’s evolution, is internal in nature and women are also internal in nature, it is far easier for a woman to accomplish this task than it is for men!

Therefore, so that men don’t find themselves overrun and controlled by a society of enlightened women in touch with the Divine Creator, men treat women like second class citizens, distracting them, taking them off their path and making their spiritual journey all the more difficult!

This action taken by men against women, is likely completely subconscious in nature and without man’s conscious knowledge or understanding whatsoever.

Now back to the subject of this article. What can women do about equalizing the playing field? Using techniques and examples taken from both Ninjutsu and military strategy, I believe that it is possible for any woman to create her own advantages in her careers and her income, equaling or even surpassing a man in the same position.

According to a famous Japanese swordsman named Yagyu Munenori “Appearance and focused intention, will inevitably overcome people when skillfully used.”

In other words, if a woman is reasonably attractive and unthreatening, she can often be taken for granted and overlooked as a potential threat by her overconfident, egotistical and arrogant male competition.

Although it may sound scheming and devious, if a woman is clever, this can give her a huge advantage over men! As Yamamoto Kansuke put it “Attack the enemy before he realized that you are his enemy.” In Ninjutsu, this tendency for men to overlook a woman’s abilities was put to good use in and art called Kunoichi no Jutsu. The strategy of appearing to be a friend while all the time actually being an enemy, is used frequently to great success, by Asian business men and women who consider business negotiations in particular, especially with non-Asian business people and life in general, as a battlefield!

Another great advantage that women have over men is that of female intuition! I know from my experience in the martial arts that, without a doubt, a sixth sense is absolutely real. In business, whether you have a ‘bad feeling’ about a potential investor, or a ‘lucky feeling’ about an upcoming business deal, listen to your intuition, that inner voice and you won’t go wrong. Most men don’t even know what it is that I am talking about!

Master Itto Ittosai said “If an opponent is strong, use weakness.” There are many examples in the martial arts and self defense of using ‘Yin’ techniques to overcome and defeat ‘Yang’ techniques. This same approach can work for a woman in a mainly male dominated business world as well.

One of the secrets of the ninja and samurai warriors is called the Sanmitsu or three secrets. It is a process of combining…

Thought = a goal or plan, with Word = positive affirmations and visualizations and Deed = intensively focused actions. World level athletes use essentially the same method. Bestselling author Rhonda Byrne wrote a book on a taking a very similar approach to achieving your dreams, called “The Secret.” In my opinion, using the Sanmitsu properly, is like the power of positive thinking on steroids!

We have only just barely scratched the surface of this subject, merely touching on a few of the possible applications, principles and methods that women can use to an amazing effect in evening up the playing field when it comes to business and life.

Arguably Japan’s most famous swordsman Miyamoto Musashi said this “The battlefield is any situation where one must deal with people.” For decades, Asian business men and women have used this philosophy to become remarkably successful in their business endeavours and in their lives and so can you! Here’s to equality and having a wonderfully successful career and life!

This has been just a brief glimpse of the time-tested wisdom and inspiration of military strategy and tactics. If you would like more information on unorthodox methods for your business or life, get our FREE no obligation “Killer Business Ninja Course” at clearpointdigital.com or follow me on Twitter at @Master_N_Chase. Look for my book on Amazon Kindle “Ancient Secrets Shadow Warriors.”

My wish is for your continued success!


Nicholas J. Chase