Why Use Asian Military Strategy?

Approximately 2,500 years ago in China, a man who was a General, Military Strategist and Scholar, authored a work called the Pingfa, or perhaps better known today as The Art of War. This work is the oldest known and most definitive treatise on military strategy and tactics known today.

The work by author Sun Zi, also known as Sun Tzu or Sun Wu, has gone on to influence military strategists for generation after generation. The Art of War has been translated into 27 different languages.

The Japanese version known as the Sonshi, influenced famous warlord Shingen Takeda and formed the basis for the strategies and tactics used by the infamous Japanese spies and assassins of Feudal Japan, called the Ninja!

The French version of The Art of War is said to have influenced the strategies of General Napoleon Bonaparte, in his conquest of most of Europe.

Over the centuries, the work has inspired such notable and notorious individuals as Vladimir Lenin, Mao Tze Tung, Carl Von Clausewitz, Fidel Castro and General George Patton, to name just a few!

Although the Art of War is by far the most famous work on military strategy and tactics, it is by no means the only one. Other strategists such as China’s Tai Gong, Sun Bin, Wu Zi and Sima, have all contributed their works on the art of military strategy.

Japan’s venerable swordsmen have all managed to find a place in history as respected authors of works on strategy and tactics, in their own right.

A more recent phenomena has been the adaptation and use of the ideas expressed in these enlightened works, towards business. Authors Gerald Michaelson, Robert Greene, Donald G. Krause, and Chin Ning-chu, have all contributed excellent efforts to this genre.

The ancient masters of strategy, including the two most famous ones, China’s Sun Zi and Japan’s Miyamoto Musashi, are responsible for today’s modern masters of strategy. These modern masters, are those individuals who consciously use strategies and tactics to manipulate and control their environment, in order to get ahead in their business, career and in their life.

Whether their field of engagement is the battlefield, the boardroom, or the bar, modern masters of strategy use the wisdom of the ancient masters to inspire them and help to guide them and control their destiny. They forge ahead with confidence and determination and carve out their own place of success, security and happiness in the modern world.

The above are the reasons why we so strongly believe in the use of Asian military strategy and tactics in business, interpersonal relationships and ultimately in life. In our opinion, utilizing this time tested ancient wisdom can give any entrepreneur, business man or woman…in fact anyone, a devastating edge over their unwary competition.

Take seriously the words and ideas expressed by the ancient masters. Properly applied today, these techniques can change your life!


Nicholas J. Chase