Wealth Really Sells!

The above idea is illustrated by the sayings that state “everyone loves a winner” and “nothing succeeds like success!” It is true! This gimmick works so well that some internet marketers have gone to the effort of having themselves filmed in a studio with a green screen behind them and later inserting some opulent environment such as a mansion, or exotic tropical locale in behind them!

Admittedly this approach is somewhat underhanded, but it is meant to convey the idea of success. If you see an internet marketer sitting in an expensive office surrounded by the best objects that money can buy, that image speaks to you on a subconscious level. 

First it says to you that this person must know what they are talking about in order to be able to afford such lush surroundings, and second it says that if you buy whatever this marketer is selling, then you too can be a huge success and be able to afford such opulence yourself.

The problem is that in many cases, it is just an illusion! Marketers can go to great lengths to give the impression that they are far more successful than they actually are.

They can rent out an executive office in order to film their commercial for their latest product or program. They can film in front of a multimillion dollar mansion or yacht. They can rent luxury automobiles as backdrops or hire beautiful models to give the impression of both success and attraction.

An example from my own life that illustrates this approach comes from when I played in rock bands so many years ago. For one such band we rented a limousine and chauffeur and posed in front of a Lear jet for our photo shoot! We were very ambitious and in some ways far ahead of our time!

In a capitalist society, money and profit is everything. To subliminally convey success and wealth, use gold coins and bars, precious jewels and stacks of money in you advertising. Use the green screen trick and appear to be selling your product or teaching your course from an opulent location somewhere in the world that is exciting and luxurious!

This approach is so appealing that one savvy internet marketer last year, put together a course on how to use the illusion of wealth and opulence to make big money and become a huge success!

Remember that if you have money or appear to, people will assume you are in demand. If you have money or pretend to, people will assume that you know the “secret” and can teach it to them. If you give the illusion of wealth, people will assume that you are special and your time is precious and they will be willing to pay you well for both, your time and for teaching them how they too can become as successful as you appear to be! 


Nicholas Chase