The Unorthodox Approach

“Engage with the orthodox, gain victory with the unorthodox.”                                                                                                        Sun Tzu

   The above quote is from the ‘Ping Fa’ better known as the Art of War. It is possibly the most preeminent source of military strategy in history. This work has been studied and applied to business by the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans, for decades.

   According to the late, brilliant author Chin Ning-chu, Asians see the marketplace as an extension of the battlefield and have put Sun Tzu’s teachings to great effect. Not only Master Sun’s teachings have been scrutinized. All of the Seven Military Classics of Ancient China have been studied, along with works by Miyamoto Musashi, Yagyu Munenori and even the philosophies of the ancient ninja of feudal Japan. All have been absorbed and put to use in the global marketplace.

   Can using an unorthodox approach such as this improve your prospects in the cutthroat world of business? I believe that the short answer is yes! I also am convinced that other unorthodox approaches such as Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Self-Hypnosis and techniques employed by pick up artists and members of the seduction community and others, can be applied to business and life to give you a devastating, winning edge!

It is the intention of to make available to you a complete understanding of these and other various unorthodox approaches and benefits available to you. Have an open mind, come with us and explore the powerful and dynamic method of using the unorthodox to win in life and gain victory in business!

Sincerely yours,

Nicholas J. Chase.