Success Is A Skill That Few Master

To join the ranks of the rare business professional who achieve greatness in his or her field and reaches the heights of the elite business masters requires a special attitude and unique attributes.

An accomplished individual’s skill set is not only education and experience, but also innovation, resourcefulness, cleverness, as well as being original, unconventional and a visionary!

When it comes to achieving greatness in business, particularly in an ever changing global, world market, of necessity, one must be a brilliant, strategic thinker.

It is a well-established fact that Asian business men and women are taught military strategy and tactics from the time they are in grade school. They are reared on it! Since they are exposed to military strategy from the time they are very young, it becomes second nature to them. It is simply part of their culture. Asian business people view the market place as a battlefield, business negotiations as a war campaign and any unsuspecting people they are doing business with, as the enemy!

To their credit, Chinese, Japanese and Korean business executives have realized that the dynamic combination of military strategy and tactics, coupled with the unpredictable and often ruthless world of business, is a powerful, winning approach!

The timeless, proven effectiveness of works such as the Art of War and the Six Secret Strategies, are required knowledge and as relevant in today’s global market, as they were during the turbulent struggles of the “Warring States period” of China and the contentious and deadly era of “Feudal Japan.” With the constantly changing and fluid, global markets and the unpredictable business battlefield, outstanding business professionals understand the need and wisdom of taking and mastering this crucial, strategic approach.

Whether you are a Senior Manager, Entrepreneur, Executive, Business Owner, or established Business Leader and Professional, employing the Asian Military Mindset can make the difference between being a victor or a victim, a success or a failure, a winner or a loser!

If you wish to reach the lofty heights of the Business Elite, the core concepts and timeless essential principles of Asian military strategy can give you the powerful, winning edge that you need and desire! Make Asian military strategy and the Art of War part of your business arsenal today. Become the master of your own destiny!


Nicholas J. Chase