See your competitors as club members.

What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others.” Confucius

Very profound and very true. If you are currently successful or wanting to be then your mindset must be focused on your own matters, not others. Wishing negativity on others is not only a waste of time but brings unfavorable energies emanating from you that others can feel. Sometimes we do not realize what we are thinking or doing. Always be conscious of your thoughts and actions.

We see this all the time, people in high level professions and business wishing ill fate on their competitors with he thinking that this is the way up the ladder for themselves. As a matter of fact it is the contrary that is correct. You do not have to give away your business secrets but help others to achieve your level and beyond, You see, a sign of a good person that will be remembered is for the good actions. Most importantly in out current life this is what gets us ahead.

Welcome competition, it is good, it helps us to grow. Competition means that there is enough for all, there is always enough for all to be successful. When we help others to be successful it helps us as well. My father helped his employers with what he knew, in turn opportunities would pop up all the time. He helped other restaurant owners to become successful without compensation, always sharing his knowledge, always wishing for the good health of their owners. As a result of his good nature many restaurants, competitors became friends and he was showed with awards.

Instead of foes look at your competitors as club members. You are in the same field, and there is always enough to go around. There is no need to try to be greedy and get the most that you can right away, this is not the way. For a flower to grow you must nurture. So nature your life and you will grow exponentially.

Zhang Wang-lei