Pickup Artists, Seduction, Ninjutsu & the Art of War

What on earth do pickup artists and the seduction community have to do with ninjutsu, ninja and the Art of War? First, let’s define pickup artists, seduction and the seduction community.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the word seduce, as – “To tempt, lure, entice, mislead, deceive, beguile and lead astray.” Webster’s New School & Office Dictionary defines seduce as – “To entice from the path of rectitude, duty or virtue by flattery, promises etc. To persuade to a surrender of chastity.”

So, for our purposes, seduction is the use of flattery and compliments in order to persuade someone to do something that they would not usually do, or behave in a manner that they would not otherwise consider.

Pickup Artists are a group of men who use a set of opening routines and other devices and techniques for the purpose of approaching and impressing women. This action may or may not escalate to the point that the pickup artist seduces and beds the woman or women that he has approached.

Two of the most famous pickup artists are Mystery, with his mystery Method and Style, the former nom de plume of bestselling author, Neil Strauss, whose book “The Game, penetrating the secret society of pickup artists” essentially blew the lid off the pickup artist movement, exposing it to the light of day.

Lately, largely due to Neil Strauss’ leadership and foresight, the pickup artist movement to a degree, has morphed more towards becoming a self-development and self-actualization movement and away from having the solitary goal of seducing unsuspecting women.

In fact, that is the only reason that this article is being written for former pickup artists, who are now engaged in the much more noble pursuit of becoming well rounded, self-empowered human beings.

So, what do the ninja and Asian military strategy or heiho have to do with the above? Plenty! There are in fact, many parallels between seduction and the art of the ninja, as well as military strategy.

Deception is at the heart of the espionage based art of ninjutsu. “Warfare is the way of deception.” Sun Tzu. Deception is also at the heart of the pickup artist’s art. Ninja would deceive their enemy in order to gain entrance to the enemy’s well-guarded compound without having to resort to violence. Pickup artists use deception for a slightly less admirable purpose.

“Attack your enemy before he understands that you are his enemy.” Yamamoto Kansuke. This could be rewritten for the seduction community as “Seduce your target before she understands what you are actually up to.” Another description of the same tactic is “Hide your knife behind a smile.” 36 Strategies. This is an even more graphic description!

This next maxim was well known by the ninja of Feudal Japan. “Know your enemy and know yourself.” Yamamoto Kansuke. By forming communities and comparing notes on what did and did not work when approaching and seducing women, pickup artists have over time, come to know their enemy, or more accurately in this case, women and themselves.

Whereas pickup artists use magic tricks and other gimmicks to fascinate and attract women, ninja used magic to startle and scare away superstitious villagers and enemy soldiers in order to allow them to complete their missions unimpeded. Ninja became masters of psychology and human nature so that they could manipulate key individuals in enemy territory.

This art is referred to as the Gojo Goyoku. I consider it to be one of the most practical of the ninja’s skills. Of course, pickup artists use psychology and NLP or neuro linguistic programming to trick women into becoming physically involved with men that they otherwise would probably not even look at or have anything to do with!

Finally, to illustrate the connection between seduction and pickup artists and the ninja’s art and military strategy, I will give a few famous examples of strategy maxims.

“The real path of military strategy is such that it applies in any place and in any situation.” Miyamoto Musashi. That is to say, military strategy can apply to any human endeavor.

“The path of the warrior is based on humanity, love and sincerity.” Morihei Ueshiba. Practice all three!

“If you injure your opponent, you injure yourself.” Morihei Ueshiba. There is such a thing as karma!

“When the light of wisdom and knowledge arrives, it shall not combine with darkness and delusion.” Me-tzu. Walk in the light. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Hurt no one.

This has been just a brief glimpse of the time tested wisdom and inspiration of military strategy and tactics. If you would like more information on unorthodox methods for your business or life, get our FREE no obligation “Giveaway” at clearpointdigital.com or follow me on Twitter at @Master_N_Chase. Look for my book on Amazon Kindle “Ancient Secrets Shadow Warriors.”

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Nicholas J. Chase