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Using motivational examples and principles taken from real life situations, is a great way to impact your audiences. Tales of military strategy from masters like Sun Tzu, Miyamoto Musashi, Tai Gong, Yagyu Munenori and others, can engage and fascinate audience members imaginations, while at the same time teaching useful, life affirming principles.

With factual examples taken from history as a frame of reference, capture and hold your audience’s attention by using these persuasive examples of life and death situations, while adding value to your narrative.

In my opinion, it is far more motivating and engaging to use examples and philosophies taken from real life individuals and circumstances, than it is to use hypothetical, fictitious stories and examples, to illustrate your presentation. It also makes it far easier for an audience member or client, to see the relevant application of principles taken from actual situations, to their own lives and circumstances.

Take a look at these three examples…

Sword Master Tsukahara Bokuden, defeated an angry samurai in feudal Japan, by using his “no sword school.” He stranded the irate samurai on an island! This story can be used to illustrate overcoming violence with non-violence or overcoming brute force by using intelligence and intellect.

The tale of Kung-ming when faced with General Chung Ta’s 150,000 strong army against his force of only 2,500 men. Instead of panic, Kung-ming threw open the city gates, hid any signs of military action and acted as though it was just business as usual. The General suspecting a trap, retreated! This story can be used to show how a person can triumph in the face of certain death and succeed against overwhelming odds.

The account of superstitious Emperor Yang, motivated by a prophecy from a folktale that predicted the fall of his dynasty to a man named Li, is another fine example. The Emperor embarked on a spree, killing every man named Li. When Li Yuan was summoned to court, at first he claimed to be too sick to attend. Then, he feigned drunkenness and insanity to convince the Emperor that he was no threat. It worked! Two years later, the short-sighted Emperor appointed Li Yuan to head a field army to fight barbarian invaders. With his bravery, Li gained the respect of his men. Later they followed him to the capital city and overthrew the Emperor. This ushered in the auspicious Tang Dynasty! This story demonstrates patience, endurance and the benefits of bravery and righteousness over corruption and perversity!

For Motivational Speakers, Life Coaches, Councillors and Inspirational Leaders, military strategy, history and philosophy, can provide a limitless treasure trove of tales with which you can enhance and elevate your speeches, courses and presentations!

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