Five Emotions And Five Desires

As I have stated in the past, this subject matter is among my favorite. I think that it is both intriguing and practical. Have you ever needed to understand what someone’s personality type was? Did you need to know how to speak to them in a way they could relate to? Have you ever wondered how to motivate an individual in a particular direction? If the answer is “yes” then this system can be a very great help!

First there are 5 basic personality types…

  1. Lazy and Unmotivated
  2. Hot Head
  3. Timid or Fearful
  4. Soft Hearted
  5. Vain and Egotistical

The first type has a tendency to be lazy. They have a need for security. To motivate them, offer them more money for less work or promote them to a position where they oversee others doing the hard labor. They can fall for “get rich quick” schemes or multilevel businesses. 

The second type are easy to spot. They are the hot heads. They are the easiest to manipulate. They have a need for sex. When you see a car ad with a beautiful, skimpy clad model draped over the product, this is the main type that is being appealed to. The old cliché “sex sells” is true! Another obvious way to move these types is to get them angry. If you sell firearms for a living and want to sell more, an ad stating that the government is trying to “take away your guns” is a common approach.

The third type are fearful or timid. They are attracted to opulence and nice things. You can sell them “designer label” products or a product that is very expensive. Their rational is that if it cost a great deal, it must be excellent. After all “you get what you pay for!” Since this type can be motivated by fear, they are targeted constantly by pharmaceutical companies, For instance, every year the pharmaceuticals sell flu shots using this method.

The fourth category are the soft hearted. Since they are suckers for a sob story, they are targeted by charitable organizations. Whether the charity is legitimate or not, this is the type that they appeal to. Another group that focuses their sights on this category, are the televangelists. The leaders of some of these organizations appeal every week to single mothers, old age pensioners and people on disability pensions in order to raise money, even though many of the heads of these televangelist organizations are themselves worth hundreds of millions of dollars! The soft hearted continue to hand over their hard earned income. In my opinion it is criminal!

The fifth and final group are the vain and egotistical. They need to be stimulated with good food, wine, entertainment and other earthly pleasures. If you want to manipulate or motivate this type, flatter them. Tell them how beautiful, intelligent or talented they are. They’ll eat it up. The cosmetics and weight loss industries appeal to this group.

In my opinion, the psychology of the 5 emotions and 5 desires is possibly the most simple and effective way to read and categorize individuals. It is one of the most practical techniques and approaches for “real life!”


Nicholas Chase