Change You Game Plan!

Here’s the scoop! Being successful in business means being a successful negotiator. Does this mean that if you are a successful negotiator in the West you will be a successful negotiator in other countries? Yes! But only if you prepare for it! It’s not enough to learn about their customs and manners along with a few phrases. Being in a foreign land and becoming involved in business negotiations can be a complicated and overwhelming situation to be placed into, but only if you let it. Let me put things in perspective.

Let’s say that on a business trip itinerary you have meetings in Indian, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Three different countries, three different languages and cultures. Utilizing the universal principles of Asian Military Strategies the same techniques can be applied to use in any country. Like a tennis match, both sides at the meeting table are politely hitting the ball back and forth. By deploying your tactics you have learned to hit that tennis ball to victory! Asian Military Strategies works just like the tennis match, guiding you to the exact spot that you need that ball to land. The result? Victory!