Become Great At What You Choose To Do

When I was a boy in Taipei my good friend, Tsai and I discussed our future. He asked me what I wanted to do and I answered a teacher. He told me he wanted to be a rich businessman. As time went by he majored in business and I in history. Many times he told me I had no chance to be rich as a teacher, that business was the best chance. We both ended up pursuing different paths.

Tsai became successful, I became proud of who he became, a man of integrity and honesty. He build his great series of businesses through determination and hard work. You see, Tsai was not able to finish university, he did not have to resources to continue. My father offered to pay his tuition but he was too proud. My father did give him a job at one of his restaurants and he worked to assistant manager. He also worked another job, saved his money and opened a small closing manufacturing plant. He then was able to secure a contract with a large electronics manufacturing firm to supply parts. This was the beginning of success for him.

About a decade ago, after not seeing Tsai for a few years we got together to talk about old times. He apologized to me for being hard on me for pursuing history and that he should have been kinder. I did not see it that way as I always considered ourselves good friends. He then said to me that he would not have been a success if it was not for me. He told me that actually he looked up me and wanted to do well. As a person of no education he knew he still had chances and that my philosophical talks with him were essential to his success. I told him that they are only talks, but he put them into action. That is what made him who he became.

Opportunities comes in many ways, you must take one and just become the best you can. Learn from Tsai, Listening to profound words can be of great help and help you to be a good man, put them into action and you will be on your way to greatness.

Zhang Wang-lei