About Clearpoint Digital

Clearpoint Digital is an educational service involved in the delivery of personal success, self help and personal self defense programs. Courses are available through in person classes and self study

Founded by Nicholas Chase, Clearpoint Digital is an educational platform in the fields of Asian martial arts, history and philosophy along with business and personal success programs. Clearpoint Digital was founded on the principles of helping others achieve personal success through honesty, sincerity and integrity.

Clearpoint Digital delivers programs through methods that are clear, easy to follow and understand. Clearpoint is an educational service that is truly interested in the success of their students. The focus is to help their students to cultivate a powerful, forward thinking mindset.

Let Nicholas and the Clearpoint staff realize your full potential through the application of Practical, Effective and Proven Ancient Asian Military Principles for today’s world.

About Nicholas Chase

Nicholas J. Chase is a researcher, author and scholar, who has written over 30 manuals on martial arts and related subjects, 3 novels and several books on applying military strategy and tactics to our modern times.

Nicholas J. Chase holds a Master’s ranking in the Bujutsu. He is an expert in Heiho (military strategy), Giho (military tactics), Senpo (guerilla tactics) and Gunpo (battlefield tactics).

Nicholas’  interest in military strategy and tactics is a natural extension of his 40 years of involvement in the martial arts and related fields and 30 years of teaching Self Defense Arts.

As well as teaching Martial Arts and his writings, Master Chase, or Sensei Chase as he prefers to be called, also has a keen interest in Psychology, Philosophy, Manipulation and Influence, World Religions, Spirituality, Meditation and Survival.

He also has a regard for the Healing Arts, such as Qi Gong, Herbology, Healing Foods and Shiatsu. In a former life Nicholas Chase was a professional musician, performing in approximately 20 different bands, where he played a mean electric blues guitar.

Master Chase, who considers himself to be a spiritual individual, firmly believes that life is a learning process and the physical world, just one big classroom. As the author once stated…

“We all come from the same place, we’re all here for the same reason and once this life is over, we all go back to the same place.”