Dawn Of The Business Ninja

Since the 1980’s, the term “Ninja” has become part of the English language lexicon. There are Mommy Ninjas, Sales Ninjas and Social Media ninjas. Phrases such as “That’s very ninja of you” and “Quick like a ninja” are used to enhance and accentuate our speech.

Today there are Ninja coffee makers, juicers and motorcycles. When it comes to children’s cartoons, along with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we know have Randy Cunningham 9th Grade ninja and Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitsu.

But we must ask ourselves, what are ninja’s really? Are they blood thirsty assassins as portrayed in movies, books and magazines of the 1980’s ninja boom, or are they cute and precocious Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles? The answer is of course, neither!

The real ninjas of feudal Japan were actually oriental spies…007 in a kimono! Ninjas were gatherers of intelligence and information and masters of espionage. They were incredibly resourceful, creative, original and adaptable. As such, the ninja and their amazing art provide a powerful template with which we can confidently approach business and all aspects of our lives!

Here are just a few aspects of the ninjas amazing art of stealth and espionage and they can be implemented and used to enhance your approach to business and management.

The 5 Elements – Also called the godai, the 5 elements are a unique way in which to view and approach people, both colleagues and competition. By discerning which type of element a person most relates to, the clever business manager understands what motivates and appeals to them. The 5 elements are also a good way to correctly place individuals in a company or business.

Negative, Positive and Neutral Energy – Called In, Yo and Doka or Dokyo best describes the natural flow of energy from one state to another and then, back again. When negative energy reaches its maximum capacity and then begins its inevitable movement towards becoming positive energy. When positive energy reaches its maximum capacity, it begins its inevitable motion towards becoming negative energy. This pattern is predictable and it affects everything from the stock market, to real estate sales and the financial markets. Neutral energy is the state of perfect balance and harmony between negative and positive energy.

Heaven, Earth and Man – The ten or heaven, covers the natural cycles which affect us all, such as night and day and the four seasons and how this wisdom can be adapted to business. Chi or earth, looks at the environment and surroundings and how this can be used to our advantage. This serves as a great example of how we can approach the business environment and the marketplace. Jin or man, looks at human nature and psychology. This knowledge is easily adaptable to the modern day work place.

The 3 Secrets – Called the sanmitsu, this essentially concerns the power of positive thinking and is in my opinion, the real secret behind bestselling author Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret.” This provides a method for combining intention, focus and sound vibration into one unbeatable, powerful force!

The 9 Levels of Power – This is the ninjas mystical kuji in method of opening up, connecting and powering up the energy centers of the body in order to give the practitioner nearly super human ability, ensuring that they will successfully accomplish their mission, whether it takes place on either the battlefield, or in the boardroom!

This method is similar to practicing both positive affirmations and self-hypnotism and utilizing the powerful tools of NLP or neuro linguistic programming!

The 5 Weaknesses and 5 Desires – Among my favorite of the ninjas amazing practices, this art is the ninjas simplified version of psychology. Armed with his information, the clever practitioner can quickly anticipate the best approach to use to influence and manipulate or coerce their colleagues and competition alike, almost ensure a victory on the business battlefield!

As the venerable sage and master strategist Sun Tzu said… “Engage the enemy using orthodox methods, gain victory over the enemy using unorthodox methods.”

This approach is most assuredly an unorthodox one, meant for entrepreneurs, managers, business leaders, senior executives and anyone wanting a devastating, winning edge over the competition.

Wishing you all the best in your business battles and endeavours.


Nicholas J. Chase